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Bohzaar Designer Photoshoot – Barker & Stonehouse Beds

Zantine Deep Plum bed cover Throw by Bohzaar _3172rt

Zantine Deep Plum bed cover Throw by Bohzaar

It’s been a busy time here at Bohzaar HQ, lots of buying trips, brand new collections

to share with you and some exciting new products in the pipeline.

A few weeks ago, we spent the day shooting our wonderful Panthera Ikat,

Sundara Boho bedroom theme and brand new Zantine collections at a fantastic location house in leafy South London.

So with the van packed, we headed off down the motorway to meet interior stylist

extraordinaire Di Civil, while the camera was safely in the hands of trusted and

renowned photographer Russ Sadur.

Aided by a team of assistants, the location house was transformed into three sets;

classic for Zantine, bohemian for Sundara and look-of- the-moment tribal for Panthera


Barker & Stonehouse wood Bed with Panthera Ikat by Nomads

Barker & Stonehouse wood Bed with Panthera Ikat by Nomads

The location house was perfect (so much so that some of us actually fancied moving

in!) but we couldn’t have done the shoot without the help of our friends at Barker &

Stonehouse. They very generously offered to lend us two beds for the shoot and with

so many to choose from Di had a hard time whittling them down. In the end, we all

agreed that Little Tree Furniture – Whiteleaf Upcycled King Size Bedframe was

perfect for our Panthera Ikat tribal chic look.

Barker & Stonehouse Whiteleaf Upcycled Bed

Barker & Stonehouse Whiteleaf Upcycled Bed

Whiteleaf Headboard by Barker & Stonehouse

Whiteleaf Headboard by Barker & Stonehouse

The crafted detailing on the headboard was the ideal partner for our ikat and Nordic Cross motifs and fitted in beautifully with our colour scheme, check their Barker & Stonehouse website, it is currently on launch offer for only £799, and we can tell you it is very well made, built for life.

When it came to choosing a bed for our luxurious new Zantine collection,

Zantine Jacquard bedding on Barker and Stonehouse bed

Zantine Jacquard bedding on Barker and Stonehouse bed

we knew we wanted something classic but glamorous and which is why we plumped for

the Wiltshire High End Bed supplied by Barker & Stonehouse.

Wiltshire High end Upholstered bed by Barker and Stonehouse

Wiltshire High end Upholstered bed by Barker and Stonehouse

The beautiful velvet upholstery supplied on our bed for the photoshoot teamed with our exquisite

jacquard range and  is the perfect fit and worthy of even the grandest of hotels.

The Wiltshire Bed is available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, for advice on choosing the right one for you, why not pop into one of the 10 nationwide stores.

At the end of a very tiring but very successful shoot, and with all those beds around,

it was tempting to have a quick nap but there’s no rest for the wicked and we were

soon on our way to source even more beautiful bed linen.

We’d love to know what you think so please do drop us a line, and feel free to pin the pictures for your mood boards .

Love from

All at Bohzaar

With special thanks to: Di Civil, Russ Sadur, our wonderful photo shoot team and all at

Barker & Stonehouse

Welcome to the Bohzaar Blog

“Explore the World – and bring it home with Bohzaar”

Dylan, the original founder of Bohzaar, is a designer from very different traditional background but with a vision and a love of gorgeous textiles.  The eclecticism of the bohemian lifestyle and the global treasures of the bazaar are brought to together under one brand: Bohzaar

Bohzaar was born from a challenge: how do we find the perfect bedding set that is well-made, sumptuous to sleep in and unique?  We couldn’t find it, so we decided to create our own.

Over two years and many late nights with hundreds of hours of research and styling later we are now launching our “Bohzaar Collection”.

The first two textile designs are “Sundara & Dara” (an Indian-themed flower motif in Old French Grey)

Sundara duvet set with Harmony Quilt

Sundara duvet set with Harmony Quilt


and “Nomads Panthera Ikat” (a monochrome bold black on white).


We are also stocking some amazing fabrics from England, Italy and Central Europe, as well as beautiful duvet sets with matching cushions and throws and some very high-quality blanket throws for your lounge or bedroom.

Brands we represent (such as Bluebellgray, Chhatwal & Jonsson and Lovely Linen) have been featured in some of Europe’s top design magazines and shows.  Other newer brands will be shown this year for the first time in the UK.


The design suppliers and factories we use produce for some of the world’s top brand houses, so you know you are investing in premium luxury products.  When you place an order with Bohzaar you can look forward to receiving a product that is not just beautiful and stylish but made to the highest quality of manufacture using the best cottons, silks, linens, velvets and wools.  We pride ourselves on providing those crucial finishing touches that every stylist loves!

On our travels around the world visiting very different craft houses, studios, manufacturers and designers we have tried to avoid mainstream styles and selected fresh, new designs as well as rediscovered classic textiles and forgotten fabrics to help you furnish your home with unique accessories that are beautiful to the eye and luxurious to the touch!

Our range is currently available to order via our new online store.  You are also welcome to email us with any enquiries or requests and we will be pleased to call you and discuss how we can help you create a living environment that reflects your individuality and particular lifestyle.  We believe, through our textiles, furnishings and designs we can give your house that elusive ‘wow’ factor!

Bohzaar is now based in an idyllic part of England on the Herefordshire and Worcestershire borders surrounded by rolling green fields and ancient orchards set against the dramatic backdrop of the Malvern Hills.  We are hoping to unveil our new retail showroom and gallery later this year.

“Bohzaar allows you to bring the beauty of the world into your home!”

About Dylan:

Experienced manufacturer of handmade lproducts and accessories.  His collections, as you will see, have been carefully selected to coordinate and complement each other, allowing you to mix your favourite colours, textures and pieces to give your home a beautiful, stylish and finished look.

Dylan is an experienced creator of a wide range of brands and products over the years, ranging from leather to steel architecture and bed accessories, yet always with an eye for detail.